Tuesday, 25 November 2014

THREE La Teinte des Bijouxxx Collection for Holiday 2014

Today I'm excited to showcase THREE's holiday 2014 collection: La Teinte des Bijouxxx. It's a small collection with two sets of Shimmering Color Veil loose pigment trios. The final gift set in the collection is a three piece brush set.

Picture heavy post!

The pigment sets are housed in a simple, sleek but rather mediocre black satin box, though I'm personally happy with the lack of tacky peripherals you often find with the Japanese holiday coffrets (they try very hard to out tackify each other year on year!). The pigment tubs are very basic see through screw cap containers, each containing 0.9g of product. Do note that the net weight of the permanent lineup is 1.7g, almost double that of a single in the set, and that packaging slightly more elaborate. On net weight alone, I think you get a better deal with the permanent line up as it’s almost double the amount, but not more than double the price. However, there is an exclusive shade in each set, so it really comes down to whether you love the LE shades.

The brush set contains three weasel and horse hair brushes; a Blend In Brush Round (LE travel size), a Color Veil Brush SS (LE travel size), and an exclusive Color Veil Brush XM, as well as the exclusive black makeup pouch. They’re all flat paddle type brushes that work well with these pigments. As much as I wanted to take all three sets home, I passed on the brush set since I plan on getting the Nars holiday brush set and maybe one of the MAC ones.

Here’s a closer look at each shade by set, and some stash comparisons. You can also check out a small clip of these sparkling goodies in my IG here. To save my sanity, I've not compared them to pan based powders or liquids, though in hindsight I should have compared with a few of the Etude House Play 101 pencils (reviewed here).

Shimmering Color Veil Bijoux Box 1 contains:
Ice Blink #29 - a soft feathery snowy white with diamante effect micro glitter.
Pink Topaz Gisele #X02 (LE) - a mauve pink with pink, purple and gold micro glitter. The glitters here are the largest flecks in this set.
333 Dreamers #38 - a "deep purple that almost looks gray" with skyblue, purple, pink and silver micro glitter.

Box 1 = bottom row swatch

Even when swatching on the back of my hand, I had difficulty with Ice Blink. It’s either too ‘feathery’ and clumpy or it’s barely there at all. A flat paddle brush doesn’t help, and I have better luck patting it on with fingers. Under good indoor lighting the glitters are very pretty, very fitting to its name. Nonetheless, this one was my least favourite by far.

Pink Topaz Gisele and 333 Dreamers are exquisite. They apply great with a paddle brush and can be blended without disappearing. They are very complimentary to each other, and this set was what used on the model for the promotional pictures.

Some stash comparisons:

a. Ice Blink
b. Dior Fusion Mono in Lune #001
c. RMK Ingenious Cream & Powder Eyes in Silver Gold #01 (LE)
The Dior is much more metallic and silver, while the RMK has pink tones.

a. Pink Topaz Gisele (LE)
b. Chanel Illusion d'Ombre in New Moon #97 (LE)
c. MUFE Aqua Cream in 17
The Chanel has much more gold and silver hues, the MUFE is close in colour very little sparkle effect.

a. 333 Dreamers
b. Chanel Illusion d'Ombre in Diapason #92
c. RMK Ingenious Cream & Powder Eyes in Purple #03 (LE)
d. Armani ETK Silk in #33
e. Armani ETK Silk in #3
No real close comparisons here, 333 Dreamer is much more grey.

Shimmering Color Veil Bijoux Box 2 contains:
Wild is the Wind #33 - a “grace blue that shines like light reflecting on water” with pink and blue micro glitter.
Black Diamond Iris #X03 (LE) - stormy black grey that leans purple with a rainbow of micro glitters.
Shadowland #35 - a “brown color that is reminiscent of cocoa powder” with gold pink and green micro glitters.  

Box 2 = top row swatch

The colours in Set 2 reminds of me this year's Chanel holiday eye palette and I'm far more impressed with these than Chanel's mediocre performer. I don’t really agree with the official description of Shadowland, it’s more of a muted mustard gold to me and I don’t really see the green in there. All three pigments give me spectacular performance, and Shadowland is deceivingly pigmented, so a tiny bit goes a long way.

Some stash comparisons:

a. Wild is the Wind
b. Armani ETK Silk in #10
c. Armani ETK Silk in #35
Both the ETKs are much more silver.

a. Black Diamond Iris (LE)
b. NYX Roll On Shimmer in Onyx #04
c. Armani ETK Silk in #4
d. Dior Fusion Mono in Cosmos #281
e. Dior Fusion Mono in Aventure #081
Black Diamond Iris leans more purple than the other which are grey/black/blue based.

a. Shadowland
b. NYX Roll On Shimmer in Walnut #16
c. NYX Roll On Shimmer in Almond #11
d. MUFE Aqua Cream in #15
Shadowland probably lies in the middle of the two NYXs in terms of colour, and the MUFA is quite close in colour, but has no glitter effect.

The texture of all of them are super super fine and almost wet to the touch. Indeed the main reason I didn't get the more affordable MAC Heirloom pigment sets was because they came with pigments that was purely glitter, and big pieces at that. Would not be very fun with those piece falling into the eyes. Using a paddle brush I am able to get intense colour with all except one of the pigments (Ice Blink), thus it's possible to use these as an eyeliner.

Lasting power is about ten-ish hours on me, after which it starts dulling and the colour fades a bit. There's very minimal fallout, and certainly if I blended a bit under the lower lashes, it more or less 'hides' any fallout. Have not needed to use a primer or spritz my brushes with fixing spray. One observation made trying to hand swatch for photos, they didn't perform as well on the back of my hands, which is quite dry, so those with drier eye lids will want to use something to help adherence.

A note about the NYX Roll Ons, they’re really amazing for the price and in person, they are pretty good dupes of the Color Veils. However, they do tend to fall out, so some type of fixing spray is a must, and they blend away to nothing very easily, so dabbing is my perferred way to apply them.

Below are my first try’s with each set. Look 3 was my failed attempt to recreate the promotional picture, before remembering to check their website for the tutorial (in Japanese only)
Look 1: using Shimmering Color Veil Bijoux Box 2

Black Diamond Iris unblended

Black Diamond Iris blended towards crease, Wild is the Wind blended in inner third, Shadowland blended in socket line and brow bone area

Look 2: using Shimmering Color Veil Bijoux Box 1

Pink Topaz Gisele as blended liner, 333 Dreamers in outer third, Ice Blink in inner corner and brow bone area
Look 3: using Box 1 and Shadowland

PTG unblended

PTG blended upward towards crease into Shadowland, Ice Blink in inner corners and brow area

Other things used:
Mikimoto Essence Liquid Foundation in OC03 or Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick in 2
Chantecaille Compact Makeup in Shell
MUFE Full Cover concealer in #6 for spots
Chantecaille Le Camouflage Stylo in 2 or Diorskin Star concealer in 001 for under eye
THREE Color Veil for Cheeks in Wind Swept Love #16
THREE Flash Performance Eyeliners in Eye Belong #04 (Look 3) & Eye Rock #05 (Look 1)
Shu Uemura Brow Pencil Hard Formula 9 in Seal Brown 02
YSL Gloss Volupte in 106 in Look
Cle de Peau Shimmering Lip Gloss in #1 from the Holiday 2014 lip gloss trio (really regret giving the other two to family, this stuff is like a glossy serum lip balm on my lips)
Can't remember which mascaras were used

Brushes used with pigments:
MUFE #10S (from the older lineup)
Smashbox #15
Smashbox #20

In all honesty, I find the Shimmering Color Veil pigments to be easier to use than their 4D palettes (haven't tried the eyeshadow duos yet though), simply because the pigments worked spectacularly well with whatever random and clean brush I picked up, while the 4D palettes are a little picky with brushes... or it could just be my crappy skills.

All in all, I love both of these sets very much. If you want a more timeless, perhaps safer option, then Set 2 allows for a sparkly take on a classic grey smokey eye. If you want something warmer and slightly more colourful then the coppery purple tones in Set 1 is well worth a look.

Now that I've had a proper introduction into loose pigments, I'm eager for more! Have you tried any?


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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Amazing trip to Jeju Island and Seoul, Korea

Hello!! It’s been a long while since my last post… I feel ashamed, and I have whole new admiration for those who can blog daily and manage to maintain their blogs during a trip away.

I do have a mountain of goodies I’m excited to share with ya’ll, but the weather’s been pretty damp and dark, so selfie opportunities have been rare. In the meantime please do forgive this incredibly lazy post filled with pictures. I just can’t not share how beautiful our little trip to Korea was!

We had 3 full days in Jeju Island and 1 full day in Seoul, the rest of our 6 day trip was half days of traveling and a bit of shopping. Definitely regret climbing Mt. Halla (Korea’s highest mountain) on our first day in Jeju, since after our 11 hour (yes, eleven hours) climb, we were more or less disabled the next couple of days, which meant we gave up on a few sights. There plenty more to see in Jeju, and I really hope to visit this gorgeous island again soon. It was my second time in Seoul, but my first trip was a purely shopping venture, so I’m very glad to have packed in the Palaces this time round. 

Extremely picture heavy post!
Mt. Halla summit
View from the top of Korea
Mt. Halla crater
Snow and icicles captured while descending Mt. Halla
The view while descending Mt. Halla
Cliffside view from Cow Island, Jeju
Soesokkak Estuary that leads into the sea
Rectangular cliffside formation near a small quite waterfall 
Jeongbang Waterfall that leads directly into the sea
Cheonjiyeon Waterfall
Sunset at Oedolgae Rock, Jeju

Gorgeous Autumn scenery in Seoul at Changdeogung Palace and its Secret Garden

Yum yum yummies!!!

Have given a little sneak peek on my instagram, and I'll hope to make the next post a review of THREE's Holiday 2014 collection.
Where and how was the last vacation you took?

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