Monday, 5 May 2014

Hello there! Here's a little blurb about me...

Welcome to random but personal opinions about pretty and not so pretty things.

This blog will a beauty blog, a space where I rant and rave about my crazy skin, my lazy attempts at dolling up, and my out of control obsession with skincare and makeup. Primarily I’m hoping to cut down my Stash-of-Shit-I-Gotta-Use-Up by guilt tripping myself with constant stash shopping and perhaps even blogsales if I ever figure out how to set those up. Interspersed, may be posts on yummy stuff, clothes and jewelry, my other love.

And there will probably be a lot of pic spams of my dogs. My loves above all other loves.

Usurped, I sleep on the doggy bed on the floor there.

Guess I should say here that all reviews and opinions are my own. Unless otherwise stated. Which is unlikely, since I doubt I’ll ever generate enough readers for PRs to take interest.

I’m Taiwanese born, and immigrated to New Zealand a few months into my first year of elementary/primary school. Attended university in the UK and have since moved back to TW after graduation. English is more or less my mother tongue, and shamefully even though I’ve been back in TW for years, having taken around two years of Chinese classes, my Chinese still sucks.

So why Noodles? Permed my hair when I was like 16 and had crazy curly hair for awhile. Someone started calling me noodle hair, and I liked the nickname, so most of my online presence is under 38Noodles if not my real name: Lucy. And because I’m a five year old at heart, Doodles ‘cause it rhymes yo!  

Thank you for visiting and taking the time to read this post!

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