Friday, 9 May 2014

My First Chikuhodo Haul

My nearest Mitsukoshi department store held a two week Summer Fair showcasing a variety of Japanese stalls, the most exciting for me was Chikuhodo. This is my first direct experience with Chikuhodo brushes, but I’m thoroughly wowed by the brands they manufacture for (RMK, Tom Ford, and the infamous Suqqu kitten paw that I’ve yet taken the plunge)

Here’s a quickie look at what I took home!

A selection of G & GSN series beauties, and 2 Z series eye brushes. A follow up post to come with my thoughts and comparisons.

The stall only had a very small selection of brushes, but exciting news for fellow Taiwanese shoppers, Chikuhodos are stocked at (sorry, none of the link embedding codes seem to be working), which for now is limited to their online store, but they will have a temp stall in at Mitsukoshi from November with a fuller range.

Have you tried any Chikuhodo brushes?



Bellyhead said...


38noodles said...

Sanitized them and playing around with a few already! I be needin' a room with these babies.

Sunny said...

OMG seriously??? CHIKUHODO??? Gimme some of that now!!!

I have a friend who is in Japan for the moment. I kinda begged her to bring back some Hakuhodo for me. Let's hope she still has some money to spare by the end of her trip!

Bellyhead said...

*peeps in through the window for the picture takin'*

38noodles said...

Hopefully the temp counter will be available the next time you're in town!

Ooohh~ Hakuhodo broke my brush floodgates! I got a few of the more unique brushes, and they are gorgeous!! What brushes are your top wants?

Sunny said...

OK sooo I asked my friend to get me J5523 (allegedly very similar to MAC 217 and only around 18 USD!), J5543 (blush/bronzer), & J116 (highlight/blush). I'm praying SO hard that she will have enough on her card at the end of her trip!

38noodles said...

Awesome choices! I also had to beg a friend who was in Tokyo for business to get mine, and luckily he was too busy to max out his card. I the G527 powder brush and the G543 powder, which are both dearly loved. Couldn't decide which eye and cheek type brushes to get, so am still narrowing down a wishlist ;)
Hope you do get yours, and can't wait to hear what you think of them if you do!