Sunday, 18 May 2014

O Hui Cover Moist CC Cushion

The cushion compact was one of my biggest discoveries in 2013, and the latest addition to my cushion collection is O Hui’s Cover Moist CC Cushion SPF50+ PA+++

I got the special set (as pictured here) during my 4-day trip to Seoul in the beginning of April. I don’t know if the special set with two cushion refills (rather than the typical one extra refill) is available at all O Hui counters in Korea, but I got mine at the Duty Free makeup level of Lotte Myeongdong.

If you’re into Korean makeup, you’ll no doubt have seen and possibly tried the cushion foundation compact. For those unacquainted, I’d describe them as a highly creamy foundation compact that is dispensed via the sponge cushion and applied with a very smooth latex (?) applicator puff. I believe Laneige was the first who came out with the Cushion Compact years ago, but I had ran away from until last year because back then the counter display looked horrifically unhygienic, and the SA ticked me off. Still undecided whether these cushion actually helps with anything, or if it’s merely a gimmick, but I do think together with the applicator, it’s a very fast and smooth application of foundation. I should also mention one issue many users face with of these cushions is that you can’t tell how much product you have left.

Ugh. Sorry about the crap lighting

As per the trend (and I suppose the wishes of the Korean market), every cushion I’ve tried so far gives a dewy (not merely glowy) finish, and this O Hui one is no exception. This is unsurprising since the foundation itself is a cream foundation, and I found the O Hui one to be well hydrating so that my skin didn't dry out and clump up any makeup during the day. This is very lightly perfumed when forced up my nostrils, but I don't notice any scent when using it. The coverage of the O Hui cushion is fairly sheer, but it’s possible to get it to medium, though one major reason I like cushions is because of the natural sheer finish. Although sheer, I found this evened out my skin very well, and I only needed to spot cover the most stubborn of scars. I prefer the foundation quality and wear of this cushion over the Laneige BB cushion, but O Hui's lacks the slightly longer lasting cooling effect. However, due to the dewy finish and relative rich texture of the base, I'll be reserving this for days I know I won't be out in the muggy humid heat of Taipei.

I actually love using the very dense and smooth applicator all these cushions come with, but the Makeup Blogette proves how a brush can also work with cushion. Using the provided puff, I press firmly into the cushion sponge once or twice then apply with a light patting motion. I tend to apply a second layer in my troublesome areas like around the nose, and chin.

I believe this comes in three shades, and I was matched to the mid-shade 23. Upon application and especially in combination with my translucent (but still white-ish) powder, this cushion does make my face more pinky-cool toned than my neck, but this is an issue I face with probably every base. After a bit of oxidization and once my powder has settled properly, the cushion is a pretty good match.

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Have you any cushions?



Sunny said...

Hey Noodles, OMG this looks SO good on you!!! The finish is GORGEOUS! I'm not sure this will work for me, either. My T-zone is really pretty oily. Maybe in winter? I haven't tried anything similar though!

38noodles said...

Thanks so much Sunny!!
The dew factor definitely makes this better suited for dry climates or drier skin. Most of the Korean brands have these cushions now, and O Hui is one of the better and balanced ones I've tried. Sadly, this one is not yet available outside of Korea unless you pay a fortune online.