Thursday, 10 July 2014

Jill Stuart Airy Tint CC Cream

While I never really bought into BB creams, I’m a big lover of CC creams owing to its redness correcting properties. When Jill Stuart came out with their no-longer-all-that-new Airy Tint CC Cream, I just couldn’t resist. Going to save you from gagging and not copy/paste their official description, but the gist of that vomit-fest is that the Airy Tint aims at giving you soft as a petal, brightened no-makeup skin.

Annoyingly, but not uncommonly, I fell between the two available shades, so I ended up picking the lighter shade in 01 Light Floral Beige, since my oils will oxidize any base on me. The tube packaging is what you expect from JS, very pretty, very vanity display worthy. The CC has a sweet mango milkshake sorta scent, strong but not as sickeningly so as the one YSL uses in some of their lippie lines, and it does go away eventually but not immediately. In the swatches below, it looks almost neutral compared to the yellow-toned MUFE HD, but the JS is slightly pink toned.

True to it’s name, this CC is much lighter in feel and texture than most of the other CC creams I’ve tried. It’s slightly more runny than Bourjois’ 123 Perfect CC Cream, and more like a BB/tinted moisturizer/light foundation in feel and consistency than what I have come to expect as a CC cream.

The fluid texture glides onto skin distinctively weightlessly, works well buffed in with a brush or spread with fingertips, and I do normally use a sponge after to perfect. Coverage is light to light medium, you’d be hard pressed to get it beyond medium. It is definitely less coverage than Givenchy’s CC or Bourjois’, and about the same, if not slightly more coverage than Bobbi Brown’s or YSL’s CCs. The tone correctiveness of this CC is pretty good, it toned down my redness without whitening out my face into a ghost. Since this shade is slightly too light for my skintone, it does become a good match after oxidization. The finish of the CC itself isn’t too dewy, but a nice lit from within (cliched I’m sorry) satin.

Within an hour of application

Sadly, I had trouble using this on its own over a primer. It tended to enter into eww-dew territory all too quickly (I’m talking 2 hours tops), and I am noticeably quicker to become an oil-slick with this compared the other CCs in my rotation (Givenchy’s offering my the best oil control so far). In saying that, it never clumps up and sink into my pores, leading me to believe it’s not drying me out (thus triggering excess oils) like the Bourjois does on me. But if it is too rich for me, I should be able to control it somewhat with my primers and oil controlling voodoo, but for reasons yet to be resolved this princess refuses to be tamed by makup sorcery.

Until now!

I was set on throwing this into my Stash-of-Shit-I-Regret-Buying, at least till colder weather comes around, but I tasked myself with testing the ‘primer then mineral powder then non-powder base’ magic’s limits. I’m delighted to report that with a mineral powder underneath, the Airy CC lasts quite a few hours more on me, while still giving me a nice glow and feeling completely weightless.

Airy tint over MAC Mineralize and photo taken right after powdering with Laura Mercier Loose Powder

Several hours after application

Haven't found a translated ingredients list yet, so I'll attempt my own shoddy one if anyone asks.

All in all, while the Airy Tint CC deserves praise for it’s weightlessness and colour correctiveness, the lack of oil control may be an Achilles Heel for those prone to oils.

Have you tried any CC creams lately?



Sunny said...

Hey Noodles, I'm so glad you found something that helps this work for you! I can't really use a lot of glow-enhancing products, either. Maybe some on my cheeks, but definitely not on my T-zone. This whole CC cream business is so confusing. I've tried ones that are more like glow-enhancing primers, but also ones that are like tinted moisturizers. I really hope these are the last alphabet anything we get :p

38noodles said...

There sure is an alphabet overload! I pretty much only like the CC creams that function as a foundation, all the other types of CCs have been a fail for me as well as most BBs. Everything is pulling rather dewy on my these days in the summer heat, I need to pre and post powder with all my foundations other than a select few that goes on fully matte. At least I can then skip on highlighters when I'm lazy ;)