Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Mid-ish-week Randomness

From Tuesday evening till Wednesday afternoon the whole of Taiwan was either being pelted with torrential rain or tree breaking winds brought forth from the wrath of Typhoon Matmo.

...and instead of raiding my local supermarket for candies, chips, and instant noodles hours before Matmo made landfall, I went and bought sunnies.

Two in fact.

So what if there might be a power outage and I'm stuck in a house without food? I'll be starving, sweating and cray bored but I'll look fabulous doing so =D

Both sunnies are street stall prices, so I'm a little iffy about their UV protection, but they look so fun-kay I feel obliged to do them justice by wearing them indoors obnoxiously. It can also help hide my extremely puffy dark circles because I haven't had proper sleep in days, and if I faint from exhaustion, I'll look fabulous doing so =D

Why yes, I was very bored stuck at home on a midweek typhoon holiday and our automated carpark malfunctioned, so unless I wanted to get whipped by wind, rain and fallen branches the second I stepped outside, I sat in front of my laptop and waited for season 1 of Brooklyn Nine Nine to download, looking fabulous while doing so =D

On a much more serious note, my heart goes out to the families of the victims of the crashed TransAsia flight caused by the residual conditions of Matmo. It's been one plane related tragedy after another this year, and it's heartbreaking.


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