Monday, 21 July 2014

FOTD feat. Cle de Peau Ombre Couleurs Quadri in Stardust 302

Quickie FOTD look at the last of the three Cle de Peau eye quads I picked up last week, Ombre Couleurs Quadri in Stardust 302 (swatched here).

Other stuff on Da Face post sunscreen:
The Body Shop Instablur
Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder
Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet in a 50:50 mix of 10 and 20
Chanel Crayon Sourcils brow pencil in 20
Pupa Cover Cream Concealer in 006 for undereye
MUFE Full Cover concealer in 6 for scars
MUFE HD Blush in 310 Rosewood
Guerlain Les Voilettes loose powder in 02 Clair
CdP Rouge a Levres #111 under #312 (testers)

Again, I kept application light, using the Smashbox #7 brush to apply the shimmery mauve nude (3rd colour from the left) all over the lids up to a little over the socket line. Applied the darker forest green shade as a blended liner with Bobbi Brown Angle Eye Shadow Brush, then applied the lighter olive green on top, blended upward above the crease line with the Smashbox #15, and brought it down to the lower outer third lashline with the BB angle brush. The lightest apricot nude shade was used in inner ⅔ of lower lashline as well as tapped onto the area under the brow arch.

When I first swatch this quad at the counter, my mind immediately scolded me for wanting it since I own and love Love LOVE Chanel’s Tisse Venitien (detailed review and comparison to come). It definitely came down to the mix of the mauve nude and the olive green that cemented my desire for this quad. The mauve nude is beautifully shimmery, and straight on its own it’s very complementary to my skintone. As a first try, I also loved how the olive green softened and brightened the forest green, the latter which actually contains more grey tones than I thought, making it a grey toned quad I find easier to use than a more classic grey palette.

Even though that darker forrest green colour is gorgeously sparkly and complex in the pan and finger swatched, I have to admit on application, at least with the BB brush, the glitter didn’t turn up as much, so I’ll have to play around with it some more to see how to make it work better.

In terms of wear time, CdP shadows lasts on my lids very well without primer. No fallout issues that I can think of, but I don’t own any of their previously proper sparkly palettes. My lids have definitely gotten drier lately, though it does oil enough throughout the day that actually compliments the shadows, enhancing it’s pigmentation, but not hindering wear. I suppose I might be able to achieve better pigmentation on application if I bothered with a primer, but I like what I’m getting with my CdPs as is.

I think if you’re looking for a very bling-ful, very statement-y green palette, then Chanel Venetien is absolutely worth it, but if you are looking for a softer, more luminescent type of green (almost grey) palette, then the CdP 302 might be up your alley.

What greens have been added to your salad bowl lately?

Noodles :)


Sunny said...

Oh this is fun! I love the look you created! I can't really see much green at all, maybe just some olive. I'm big on this color family though, so it's all good! Got to check this out when I am back!

38noodles said...

Thanks Sunny :) You're right! In natural light the darkest shade def looks grey (with a tiny bit of green tone) and I've been swatching indoors so it looked greener to me :P I'll have to do a look heavier in use of that shade to see how grey/green it can be.

Linda said...

the greens in this palette were calling out to me, but i didn't care very much for the other 2 shades... but i'm surprised they pulled grey on you. Good to know, cos i'm very similar skin tone as yours!

38noodles said...

Hi Linda :)
The grey in the dark green shade is quite prominent in pictures, but in RL I can see much more green. The non-green shades in this quad are slightly repetitive in CdP palettes and def take a back seat in the quad, but I do like them working all together.
Yay for similar skintones! I'm gonna have to stalk your blog and see what product's you're loving!

Linda said...

Oh thanks for letting me know about the green babe.... gosh.... i must resist going back to the counter!!

38noodles said...

I must learn your self control! Not sure why, but I'm falling hard for all the green palettes lately.