Monday, 4 August 2014

Haul of Pretties feat. the new Anna Sui Lipsticks

Damn it... It was supposed to be a quick stop at the Dior counter to swatch the new Trafalgar eye palette...

And this happened.

%)(#^ ^$E_)#% ?>@#$@# !!!!!

I did indeed pick up Trafalgar (876) and also Pied-de-Poule (096) which I was told is LE along with Bar (056) in Taiwan. Continuing on the LE train, I also grabbed the Diorshow Fusion Mono in Soupir (741) and a Rouge Dior in Pied-de-Poule (977). I was very VERY tempted to pick up LE nail polishes in Pied-de-Poule (206) and Carre Bleu (796), but I wanted to see the new Nars polishes in person first.

Had also been moved by a couple of the reformulated existing Dior palettes, which are not LE, so I'll reconsider them in the next major round of sales, namely Jardin (456) and Versailles (566).

I’ll do a more detailed post on the Fall ‘14 Dior items separately, after I bask in their un-marred newness for a few days longer.

Could and should have left the Anna Sui items till the next sale too as these are all permanent, but obviously I have no self control.

I'm rather enamored with the new AS packaging. The semi-opaque dark grey plastic is just on the vintage-cool side of gaudy. Even the cardboard packaging has been revamped, and dare I say gotten more sophisticated while keeping the bohemian x art deco x Biba-esque whimsy.

The three AS Lipstick M lippies I picked up are the three ‘mixed’ colour ones, the rest of the lineup consisting of rich creamy opaque shades. Not really sold on the star shaped bullets, does take some getting used to, and I doubt I can apply these without a mirror.

#370 is a rosy pink with silver shimmer. The shimmery dimension really plumps my lips. The silver glitter does feel a little gritty and does create glitter fall out, so a lipstick sealer is advised.

#371 is a mix of fuchsia and plum. My one is swatching a rather bright fuschia right now, but the at the counter swatched a deeper, more vampy fuschia.

#770 is a soft plum magenta with antique gold shimmer. The shimmer in this one is much finer than #370, and thus it doesn’t feel gritty, nor does it create fall out. It swatches a beautiful rose gold and I have been LOVING it since I got it, but I wasn’t able to capture its magnificence with the poor bedroom lighting and poop camera, so I hope the swatches can give you an idea.

As with all AS cosmetics, there is a rose scent to these lippies, though it’s much more toned down than previously, I hardly noticed it on application, and certainly do not smell it after say 5 seconds later. Be warned, the new AS lipsticks aren’t cheap (in Taiwan) and rival Chanel/Dior prices, so I’ll probably save my money for Rouge Diors (because I love that formula) unless AS comes out with more of the mixed colour ones.

Also picked up the new AS Rose Cheek Color N in 602, which can range from a golden apricot to a burnt orange shade depending on how I swirl the brush. In the pan, the sparkle highlighting shades might turn off many because the glitters look pretty big, but they don't show up on the face, and the effect is a soft subtle glow. To me, the blushers contain a stronger rose scent than the lippies above, and I can smell it the second I open the blusher case. The scent doesn’t linger on the skin though, and disappears within seconds of application.

Wearing Anna Sui Rose Cheek Color N in 602 and Lip Stick M in 770

Hope ya'll had a great weekend !

Noodles :)


Linda said...

I'm not a big fan of Anna Sui makeup... but those lipsticks are soooo adorable!!! Been eyeing them for the longest time! But they're not going to stand the test of time, and i'm thankfully quite utilitarian with my makeup (must-use-them-all!)... so....*covering my eyes*

38noodles said...

I went through an Anna Sui phase when it was a relatively new brand, and my teenage self loved the dark girly packaging. Then I finally woke up and realized how awful the quality most of the stuff was. More recently, their blushers put the brand back on my radar. These lipsticks are very gimmicky, but the new creamy formula is very nice.

Elle Sees said...

i have been curious to try those!

38noodles said...

Hi Elle! The new AS lipstick formula is definitely better than previous versions, and if you like a creamy, shiney lippy, these may be worth your while. As for the three 'mixed' ones, I def still like 770 the most.

Michelle said...

Pied de poule palet is in my wishlist too.
I'm trying hard but i think i wont be able to resist Dior's new palets longer XD!
Too bad we dont have AS here, too good for my wallet XD.

38noodles said...

I think some of the reformulated existed Dior palettes are definitely with a look too!
Anna Sui stuff can get a little too kitschy, but the quality of her makeup has very much improved, but I think in general, you can save your money for other brands.