Wednesday, 6 August 2014

FOTD feat. Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Pink Pong (06)

My throat has been inflamed for a few days now, and even though it hasn’t developed into a really serious cold, I’ve been battling with watery eyes and a dry cough. Worse of all is that the inflammation (or ‘Fiery Qi’) has given me the worst case of jawline and chest area acne I’ve had in years. None of my usual zit zappers have helped, and more just keep popping out, so I think I’ll have to wait it out and keep my diet light and green heavy for a while.

The best way to keep attention off my unsightly jawline?


So it was a good thing when my Asos order finally arrived, which included a few of the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets. These have not launched in Taiwan yet (and if the CC cream is any indication, they won’t be launching for some time still) but I’ve seen so many amazing reviews, I couldn’t help but slip them in the basket during one of Asos’s sales a few weeks back.

Here I’m wearing Pink Pong and it is GORGEOUS!

It’s a gloriously pigmented bright fuchsia that is almost neon in some lighting. The packaging is reminiscent of the Maybelline Color Elixirs, and the applicator is a soft but sturdy doe. The texture is extremely lightweight, it applies silky wet and soon dries to a velvety matte. Once dried, it does feel tacky when you smoosh your lips together, but I don’t feel the stickiness when I’m not smooshing.

Lasting power is amazing, it’s one of the few lip formulas that can last me through meals without me needing to do the apply-blot-apply-blot-and-repeat-five-times ritual. After trying it for around 10 hours (at which I went for playtime at the Chanel counter and had a makeover), it did not dry out my lips. It’s more or less kiss/cup/straw proof after it is fully dried down and any excess is blotted. I got full coverage in one coat, but because I suck at doing bold lips and the lip line was horrendous, I went back in with a second coat after some blotting and cleaning up the lip line. As much as I like Giorgio Armani’s Lip Maestros, I think this is now my most coveted matte liquid lipstick formula.

Have you gone bold recently?

Noodles :)

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