Sunday, 17 August 2014

New Fav Concealers feat. Makeup Forever and Pupa Milano

Two new-to-me concealers have recently snagged the top spots in my arsenal of concealers, knocking down existing favourites, the Cle de Peau concealer (for high coverage) and Chanel’s Le Blanc Whitening Concealer (for under eye).

The first, Makeup Forever’s Full Cover concealer, isn’t new to the industry, and I’ve heard praises for it from many bloggers. For some reason none of the Taiwan MUFE SAs has ever introduced/recommended this to me over the years, and instead always tried to sell their HD or the Lift concealers.

The Full Cover concealer is as the name describes, full coverage that remains natural. I use the Full Cover in shade 6 on my spots and on occasion on the worst part of my dark circles mixed with an under eye highlighting concealer. Texturally, it’s very much like a thicker liquid foundation that sets to a semi-matte finish, and it neither dries me out nor is so slick that it slips off during the day, covering my spots (whether an angry red pimple or a dark scar) without any cakeyness. I love the fact that as a liquid, if you don’t match any one of the many existing shades, it is possible to easily mix a couple of the shades to get a perfect match. The pinpoint tube packaging allows for the teeniest amount to be squeezed out if desired, and a little goes a long way. I love to use this with Bobbi Brown's Ultra Fine Eye Liner Brush because Lisa Eldridge said so.

L: thick swatch / R: half blended
L: MUFE Full Cover #6 / CdP Beige / Pupa Cover Cream in 002

This concealer is currently being put under the test because I’m still suffering the worst jawline breakout I’ve had in years. Not only does it fully cover my horrendous breakouts seamlessly, it stays on the whole day, through sweat and wiping. Prior to this purchase, my go-to full cover concealer was CdP's. I have to say that while I still do like the texture of the CdP a lot, especially for smoothing out pores, it's biggest downfall for me was its limited shade selection, and Beige contains too much pink to be truly seamless on me. Even now that CdP has added a few more shades to their lineup, I'm not storming over to the counter because I think the Full Cover beats the CdP in every aspect, whether it be price, shade selection, coverage, or wear.

The second concealer is a sheerer highlighting concealer that I love for my eye area. Long before I heard about aegyo sal, I realised I looked much older, and with much smaller eyes whenever I applied concealer on my under eye area. It was relatively recently that I learnt of the beauty of using a highlighting concealer rather than a coverage concealer for this area.

Pupa Milano is an Italian drug store brand (I get my Pupa, albeit severely marked up, fix at Sasa) that is pretty underrated and not often blogged about. They recently came out with 2 new concealer formulations, the Cover Stick Concealer is a fuller coverage concealer stick that sadly does not replace the costly CdP as it is much too creamy and slippery in the summer heat, and the Cover Cream Concealer (in 06, a salmon pink shade) which is my current top pick for a highlighting concealer.

First of all, I LOVE the light, silky texture of the Cover Cream and how it makes the skin under my eyes feel so smooth and refined. It almost feels like I’m applying a good silky eye cream, and really does smooth out the skin under my eyes, never sinking or emphasizing any pores/lines. The coverage is sheer to light medium, and the light reflectiveness is just right, allowing the eye area to be naturally brightened without fear of reverse panda eyes. The pink tones and the coverage doesn’t fully conceal my dark circles, so on a  bad day, I may choose to add a little of the Full Cover to get more coverage. The stick packaging is a twist up with a soft doe foot applicator.

L: with / R: without Cream Cover

The Cream Cover actually feels a little like Chanel’s Le Blanc concealers, which was my go-to under eye concealer previously, but the Cream Cover is a little lighter in texture and waaay less light reflective (however much I love that Chanel concealer, it all too easily takes me into reverse panda eye territory). To top it off, it’s about half the price when I managed to get the Pupa during a sale. 

In Taiwan, the Pupa Cover Cream only comes in 4 shades, a pink, a green, a beige that is a tiny bit too dark for me, and a darker tan. Here is a heavy swatch of the shades 002 (beige), 005 (green) and 006 (pink).

For further reference here is a comparison of the CdP in Beige against the Pupa Cover Stick in 002. Very similar in colour, the CdP a touch pinker, and much more matte than the Pupa.

Here's a swatch of the under eye concealers that are in top rotation.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Brush-On Glow BB Highlighter in 1C Light (Cool)
Pupa Cover Cream in 006
Chanel Le Blanc Whitening Concealer in 10
Pupa Cover Cream in 002 (for shade reference)
Estee Lauder Double Wear Brush-On Glow BB Highlighter in 1N Extra Light (Neutral)

What are your top concealer picks and tricks?

Noodles :)


Sunny said...

Hey Noodles, that MUFE one is no joke! I'm so glad to hear you found something that's even better than CdP! I have the CdP one, and I do like it. I just can't use it for the undereye area. I have NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer for that purpose!

38noodles said...

I really liked the Nars when I first got it, but I think my eye area is too dry or something for it, and it cakes up really badly on me now :(
It was a really good colour match.
Used to be able to even use the CdP on my under eye area too, but that's no longer possible.

Michelle said...

Happy to see it work four you.
Does it go into fine lines when it dries ?
My major issue with concealers is that most of them goes into finelines and emphasize them.

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38noodles said...

The Pupa and Chanel are pretty good on my fine lines, the Chanel one is perhaps the best texture for the eye area, but I have to be careful not to over apply and not get reverse panda eyes.
The MUFE can work for my eye area for summer, but I'm not sure about winter yet.