Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Annual Sales Mania!

The big annual Taiwanese department store sales have kicked off, and I'll be making my first stop at one of my preferred dept. stores later next week.

To give you a taster of what the annual sales season is like in Taiwan, here is but one page of hundreds of similar pages of special deals and packages that are on offer from the countless dept. stores in Taiwan. I was going to do a more detailed post on how one might navigate these sales, but it was turning out to be a whole thesis, so I put a cap on that.

So today, I bring you my ‘To Buy’ shortlist, which I’ve been rigorously adding and removing items from (though sadly it's still painfully long)

THREE - Balancing Cleansing Oil
Ugh. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! It’s pricy for the amount, but this bottle has lasted me since late March (although I took a break from it for a few weeks to finish another cleanser). One pump is enough to remove all my makeup (I remove heavier eye makeup with bi-phase remover, so can’t attest to its effectiveness there) and leaves my skin soft and clean. Love the relaxing citrus and rosemary scent, and best of all, no bloody emulsifying step. Ugh.

Astalift - Jelly Aquarysta
Reviewed here. My skin still loving the heck outta this. Needs MOAR!

Sjal - Orbe Eye Contour Creme
Very very pricy eye cream, and I got this current jar during last year’s sales. It was recommended to me when I asked for an effective but light cream that won’t make my milia worse. This stuff is ORGASMSx3!!! The texture is silky light and refines my eye area so well. I’d slather this all over my face and body if I could afford it.

Omorovicza - Elemental Emulsion
Great lightweight, slightly watery moisturizing emulsion. I'm currently loving it as my nighttime moisturizer, which I then seal off with a facial oil. I think it’ll be a great day cream for the colder months ahead.

Chanel - Le Weekend de Chanel
My favourite from the resynchronizing trio, I use it every weekend and find myself with great revitalised skin to begin another new week.

Albion - Eclafutur Pre-serum
Read the wonderful review that introduced me to this at Silverkis’ World.
Relatively new addition to my routine. When I first tried it out I loathed the heavy perfume scent and was close to giving up on it. However I stuck with my generous tester which lasted me around 2 weeks, and I found with continued twice daily use, my skin has become more plump, refined and pores were tightened. This will be phasing out one of my previous favourites the Whoo Soon Hwan (review). The bottle pictured is hopefully still more than half full, but I like it enough to want to get a back up, and there is a pretty good sales package for this.

Mikimoto - All teh things!
Mikimoto might be my biggest haul counter this year. I’ve been trying out a few of their items, and I’m very impressed. MOAR please!

Clinique - Even Better Essence Lotion in the 1,2 mix for Very Dry to Dry Combi skin
Clinique’s answer to SKII’s Treatment Essence. While I do like Estee Lauder’s Micro Essence a lot, the Clinique’s version works out much cheaper (though I do think it has to be the 1,2 mix). Even though it’s half the price for a smaller bottle, I’m taking just as long to use up. Also because the 1,2 mix is so rich and thick, I think it’ll be well suited for the colder months.

Vichy -Aqualia Thermal Hydration Serum
Read a great review of this at Beauty Refelctions.
I'm a strong believer of hydrating serums, but it's always been a headache to find an affordable but effective one. Vichy has answered my wishes and I'mma gonna hoard this baby.

Body Shop - Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash
While my skin is experiencing a high point, I’m still suffering from crazy break outs on my jawline and temples, which is most likely connected to my bad eating & sleeping habits. Got so desperate at one point, I dug this travel size GWP from my Stash-of-Shit-I-Forgot-I-Had and risked drying out my skin to just clear those buggers off. To my great delight, this facial wash not only does not dry me out, it leaves my skin smooth and fresh. It doesn’t fully clear my zits away, but I think it’s helped to speed up their death.

Shamefully, I still have an ever growing Wishlist that is mostly makeups, and fingers crossed I don’t go crazy and get everything.

How do you keep your sanity during a big sales event?

Noodles Orz


Linda said...

Thanks for your link love, babe! I'm so glad you're loving Eclafutur... i do too!!! And gosh, i didn't know Mikimoto had skincare! We need that here in Singapore! And Sjal eye cream sounds heavenly... Happy hauling!

38noodles said...

Thank YOU for recommending!
Mikimoto Cosmetics is really under the radar, there is only 1 counter I know of in Taiwan. I'm really loving their foundation, but the skincare is exceeding all my expectations so far.

I'm so far willing to fork out the small fortune the Sjal costs because I pamper my eye area. Have tested a few of their other items, and really like, but so expensive :S

Sunny said...

Ahhh I hope I'll get to go back and at least do ONE department store! I'd love to pick up some THREE, some CdP, and in general brands I can't find here (that's a lot of them)! I really SHOULDN'T buy more, but I still WANT to :)

38noodles said...

Mitsukoshi has theirs from mid-Oct and Sogo from early Nov, they're the dept. stores that cover more or less every brand. But there should be these annual sales happening around Taipei and Taiwan right through till the end of Dec ;)