Tuesday, 30 September 2014

FOTD feat. Diorblush in Dazzling Sun #581

*Edited. Kept calling the Dior Star the Dior Snow. Obviously not awake today. Sorry :S

Really rushed FOTD featuring the Diorblush in Dazzling Sun #581, which is a LE blusher that launched to compliment the Rouge Dior Baumes. First of all, you must read the-ever-gorgeous-Sunny's review of Rose Darling #861 and check out her link to her IG where she’s swatched all four of the LE Diorblushes.

I had no idea there was 4 new LE blushers, and the SA only showed me Dazzling Sun and Starlight (#421) a beige highligher with soft pink tones, mainly because she thinks I own a million pink blushers and probably have close dupes already (which isn't that far from the truth).

Dazzling Sun is hot burnt orange colour with very fine and subtle gold shimmer hidden within. At first glance, it’s kind of intimidating in the pan, which of course means I gotta try it on ma face!

Applied, it’s a softer apricot with more pink than I would have anticipated but it could be my redness doing some funky mojo. I do think one can easily build this up to true-to-pan goodness, and even when I use it relatively light handedly, I can see the burnt orange coming through. The subtle gold shimmer really makes this blusher glow on the cheeks, giving me this sun kissed vibe. I’m not overly familiar with the Diorblushes so I can’t state comparisons, but Dazzling Sun is very finely milled, silky soft and applies with a natural translucency.

Also testing out the recently launched Dior Star foundation. I was matched at the counter to Ivory (010) which I think is the lightest shade, but I felt it was much too light, so I was given a quite a few sachets of Ivory and Light Beige (020) to try out.

I've already bought the sponge and really love it. I find it better to use than the Real Technique's one, and it gets equal loving from me as MUFE HD Sponge which launched earlier this year in TW and immediately became my favourite sponge blender (I haven't tried the original Beauty Blender, and don't plan to).

Still haven't made up my mind about the Dior Star. It is incredibly weightless for the mid to almost full coverage you can achieve with it. The finish is beautifully natural with a healthy satine glow. However, I really need to prime and set this with some proper oil controlling voodoo if I don't want to look like an oil slick about 2~3 hours later.

The first time I tried it, I used the Rouge Bunny Rouge Original Skin primer underneath, because I've been using that primer with my current favourite foundy (Mikimoto Essence Liquid Foundation), and the Dior Star really made a bad first impression on me. It wasn't an overly humid day, but I was out and about running errands, so I suffered the head sweats. I haven't had foundation run down my neck and stain my shirt in years, but the Dior Star managed to do just that. Additionally, I found that I needed to blot and powder throughout the day because I was oiling like crazy. It's only because of Sunny's glowing review that I persevered and experimented with other primers, which is a good thing, because as long as I used an oil-controlling primer and setting powder, the Dior Star is wonderful, and deserves all the praises.  

In the FOTD I’m wearing Ivory, which is too light for me right now. Light Beige at first matches me perfectly, but my redness makes bases look oxidised, and within a few hours, Light Beige looks too dark on me. Do note that the Dior Star doesn’t actually oxidise on my skin, just my redness wreaking havoc. Ivory is great if I use some bronzer to sculpt, so if I do end up getting this, I’ll be going for Ivory.

Other tidbits:
Am trying out EL’s latest foundations this week (does the Dior Star tester look like a condom packet to you, or is my brain just sewage?)

Also tiny sneak peak of Shu Uemura’s upcoming Shurette collection for Christmas.

Christmas collections are starting to pop up, which ones have captured your lust?

Noodles :)


Linda said...

hey Noodles, gosh burning sun looks glorious on you!! i'm not very adventurous with blushes, but now you made me want to go get this funny orange blush! ;P

Interesting how different people have different experiences with Diorskin Star! I get shiny on the nose within 4 hrs but it doesn't melt off my face. But primers really do make a big difference with this. That sponge is big love for me too. xx

38noodles said...

Thanks Linda :)
This blusher is def more flattering on than it looks in the pan, I do think it's worth a counter try-on if still available.

The Dior Star might work better in slightly cooler weather, and when I'm not sprouting sweat ;)
Though I do find the RBR Original Skin primer a very picky primer, and it doesn't work well with quite a few other foundys I have.

Sunny said...

Noodles, DAMMIT! Now I am seriously tempted by Dazzling Sun! It looks SO good on you!

I'm sorry to hear Star didn't leave you the best first impression. I'd be so upset if a foundation runs down to my clothes! I've never had that happen, but it hardly ever gets that warm and humid here so I really can't say. I hope you'll have the opportunity to give it a few more chances and see if it works better for you! I definitely need to stock up on the Backstage Blender when I am back in Taipei. Usually there isn't a big price difference between Dior in Taiwan and Dior here, but the blender is SO MUCH CHEAPER in Taiwan! I thought 16 euros aren't bad, but in Taiwan it's like 9!

Also, that condom comment: I get you. I had some packets of the new L'Occitane face oil on the desk. The other day my husband walked over, pointed at them, and asked:" What are those? Condoms?" Uh no... LOL

38noodles said...

Thanks Sunny! I really like Dazzling Sun, and I would def recommend you at least try it on your cheeks at the counter, hopefully it's still available.

Have to say, the RBR primer is kinda a picky princess, it doesn't like to co-operate with quite a few of my bases. I do think the Dior Star and the new EL foundys will be amazing for cooler months, they make the skin look really amazing.
Whoa! Thats a huge price difference for the sponge! That means the original beauty blender costs waaay too much since you said the Dior is cheaper.

Hehehe~ condom look-a-likes confusing the masses!

Sunny said...

The original Beauty Blender costs 20+ euros here! Now you know why I never bought one LOL

38noodles said...

Whaaaat?? Thats ridiculous! That's more than a few of the foundations the blender would be used for! Crazy!