Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Empties 3rd Quater 2014

We’re in the home stretch of 2014 already, time is flashing by relentlessly. It didn’t feel like I went through so much, but Day’um it looks like I’m guzzling down all these products.

Let’s begin with Boos I’m glad to be done with.

Born to Bio - Eau Tonique
Another milestone in my journey to try out as many cleansing waters/micellars as possible. Did not like this at all. It cleanses fine, but left the skin feeling sticky and slightly tight. Reminds me of Melvita's micellars, which were also a fail for me.

Too Cool for School - Egg Mousse Pack
It’s supposed to be a quickie mousse mask, but I kind of used it as a morning cleaner. Hated the smell, and left the skin feeling a little dry (good thing I didn’t bother using it as a 5 min mask).

Items that did its job, but didn’t Wow

The Body Shop - Papaya and Blueberry Shower Gels.
Got these on clearance sale, have more stocked up. Love the smell, but on it’s own I think it’s a pretty average shower gel. I add in drops of facial/body oil to counter its blah-ness.

Heyland & Whittle - Citrus & Lavender Fine Liquid Handwash
Worked well, didn’t leave my hands feeling tacky or dried out. Couldn't make out the citrus scent while using this, only the lavender, kinda sort of defeats the point.

Chacott - Cleansing Water (reviewed here)
While I do think this worked well, it stung my eyes. I’ve discovered an alternative which is even more cheaper and doesn’t sting the eyes (to be reviewed)

Whoo - Soon Hwan Essence (reviewed here)
To be honest, my skin does still like this, but I’m not all that comfortable with the ingredients and I’ve found alternatives that my skin currently adores.

Clarins - HydraQuench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase
This is my first bi-phase serum and I can’t help but think I’m slathering on eye makeup remover sometimes. I think it maintained an average level of hydration on my skin, but didn’t do much to better the skin. Also it’s quite greasy on application, not one for the facial oil-phobes.

Chanel - Le Blanc Whitening Concentrate
My pimple scarring does indeed fade much faster while I used this, and the texture of the non-tacky gel fluid is nice. However, I think my skin is generally quite receptive of whitening/brightening serums, and for the price, it’s not love.

On permanent rotation/Repurchase wishlist

THREE - Balancing Cleansing Oil
Really need to get cracking with a review of this, however in short... FREAKING LOVE THIS! It’s relaxation and pampering in a bottle. When Lisa Eldridge said to use a good quality slippery cleansing oil/balm to massage your face, this would be one of my top picks.

Freshel - Pack & Massage Foam
Really like this as a morning mousse cleanser, it’s gentle and non stripping. This is a very close (and normally more affordable) dupe of my favourite mousse cleanser from Sofina Beaute, however I sometimes have Sofina points that allow me to get their cleanser cheaper, so I keep both on rotation.

HABA - VC Lotion
Anything the Driveller Kate loves, everyone needs to take notice. My sister happened to have visited Japan earlier in the year and I got her to haul me a bunch of HABA. The VC Lotion is slightly thicker and you do feel it on the skin when you apply it. I wouldn’t recommend it for oily skin types, and I didn’t love it all that much during the height of summer. It is very very good for not-crazy hot and humid weather and I do think it’s helped with the fading of my scars and sun spots. Sadly, Taiwan sells HABA at a painful markup, so unless I have friends/family visiting Japan again, this will remain at the top of the Wishlist.

Estee Lauder - ANR
I had thought I’d finally be able to cut this product out of my routine, but I’ve found my skin likes the new formulation a lot, and the few weeks I didn’t use ANR, my skin looked and felt less plump.

Chanel - Le Jour
It’s not totally love for this product, but I do find makeup applies and looks better if I’ve used this that morning. Similar products at more affordable price points (Paula’s Choice and Clinique) do not yield the same results sadly.

Chanel - Le Weekend
My favourite from the Resynchronising trio. I use this as my sole serum (but may still use a hydrating serum if I’m feeling dry) during the weekends (from Fri night to Sun night) and I can really feel and see how my skin is renewed and rejuvenated. It is highly active, so I don’t use it if I’ve used a stronger exfoliating or mask/peel.

Sofina Beaute - Daytime Brightening Lotion SPF 50+ PA++++ in the Light version
I still really like Sofina’s SPF, and this brightening version is much nicer than the normal version (flash review here) because it doesn’t leave a greasy look.

RMK - Cleansing Balm
Found a few more of these testers, still gets lots of love from me. Great for a massage too.

Mikimoto Cosmetics - Pearl Essence Moisture
The name is a little confusing, but this is actually a Pre-serum, and the two samples gave me about 10 day’s worth of testing. I definitely like more than the Soon Hwan mentioned above, and it’s not as fragrance heavy as Albion’s pre-serum, however I do think so far Albion’s has given me more obvious results. I will have to check out the price of a full bottle to decide whether this will join the rotation.

Refresh Tears - Lubricant Eye Drops
1 drop each eye morning and night.

Well, it’s off to the recycling bin for me! What’s been your most recent empty?


Noodles :)


Bellyhead said...

Are you actually, literally applying GOBS and GOBS of stuff?
Impressive job, Noodlies!
I am always finishing up skincare and hair stuff regularly...never any makeup though, except foundations.

38noodles said...

Lol! For most of the stuff I actually apply less than what the SAs advised, so danno whats happening there. Though a few of the items have been in use for about half a year.
Yep, I've not yet finished any makeup so far this year other than an eyebrow pencil. I dont think I've managed to finish a foundation for years, all too quickly SQUIRREL and get a new foundy when I already have too many... well that describes me with all my makeup.

Sunny said...

That's a LOT of empties, Noodles!!! I recently finished the Aurelia cleansing cream which I'm just OK with. Replaced it with the Emma Hardie cleansing balm, and I really like it!

38noodles said...

I seriously dont know or realize I got through so much until I dug out my empties bag for the post. Oh! I heard good things about the Emma Hardie one, would love to know how you continue to get on with that :)

Linda said...

Woo hooo!!!! That's an amazing job!!! I need to get cracking on actually USING my products rather than just plain hoarding. I agree with you Chacott is too strong for me. And I really need to try the Chanel resynchronizing trios!

38noodles said...

If your skin can take the Chanel Weekend serum, I def recommend that one the most :)