Friday, 17 October 2014

Etude House Dear My Wish Lipsticks Review

Etude House's latest lipstick launch arrived in Taiwan last week, and it far exceeded my expectations. The promotional pictures reminded me of Laneige’s promos (they're both part of Amore Pacific Corp.) and I had no plans of checking them out because my brain is stuck within the labyrinth of new foundation launches.

Fate of course steered me into an EH store a few days ago that had a pristine display of these new gems, so who am I to refuse?

Image from Etude House Taiwan official Line account

The website (Taiwan version) shows a lineup of 10 shades, but I only saw 9 at the store, the missing RD302 shade a plum, and they are housed in typical EH barely acceptable tacky princess packaging. I ended up picking BE102 and PK003, but I might go back and get RD301 and RD302 if that’s available.

Cliched and over dramatic as it is, it was love at first swatch. They glided onto the skin with wonderful pigmentation and buttery creaminess. Things get even better when I applied it onto my lips. The opacity is incredible in just one swipe and more importantly it really smoothes out my lips, making it look and feel more polished than before application. Because it is quite opaque, I think I’ll have to use a lip brush with these, since any wonky application straight from the tube is pretty obvious.

It wears almost weightless, and the only reason why I can tell something is there is because my lips are smoother than normal when I smoosh them together out of habit. I can’t tell if these contain fragrance or not, I think I’m picking up a very very faint rose scent, but it’s less than a whisper, and certainly doesn’t taste of anything.

My lips definitely love the feel of these more than the Laniege Lipstick Serum Intense, and shock horror the new Guerlain Kiss Kisses, as well as the Dior Rouge Baume. I want to compare these to the Nars Audacious lipsticks, but I’m still trying to decide what colour to get.

L: BE102 / C: PK003 / R: RD306 (Blooming line)

BE102 in the tube and when I first swatched, it looks like a bricky beige with mauve hints, but applied it leans quite fleshy pink on me. PK003 is a gorgeous bold bright magenta with white undertones. I never understood what white undertones meant until now. Compared to PK002 which is also a bright magenta, PK003 contains a distinctive bright whiteness to it.

Both BE102 and PK003 leave an even stain, and with PK003 you’ll want to remove with a heavy duty remover to get it all off. The second PK003 picture is with it largely blotted off (or so I thought) and my favourite  Ettusais glossy lip balm on top.

Wearing BE102

Wearing PK003

PK003 blotted, lip balmed

Price wise, these are currently EH’s highest priced lipsticks, and they are on the high end of drugstore prices, though still a good deal lower than MAC and UD lipsticks.

I also picked up a lipstick from one of their older lines, the Dear My Blooming in RD306, which looks almost black in the tube, but applies a reddened brick, simply because it is so rare to see Asian brands do such colours. The new Wish formula is definitely a huge improvement in terms of opacity, finish and comfort.

Wearing RD306

If you have access to Etude House, I highly recommend checking these out. EH also ships internationally now, so definitely consider these Dear My Wish lipsticks if you’re making an order.

What was your most recent lipstick love?



Sunny said...

Hey Noodles, great picks!!! I was thinking the lightest shade would be too beige, but it looks really good on you! I recently developed an obsession with plum lipsticks, so I'll have to go with Givenchy Pourpre Inoui and MAC Fashion Revival when it comes to recent lipstick loves.

38noodles said...

Guuurrll! You rock a bold berry lip! Def take all the opportunity to wear it! Berries, and dark vamps are very rarely seen here, and I always feel so self conscious if I wear it, but I love them so.

Sunny said...

I know what you mean! I get more self-conscious when I wear red though. Every time I do, I get wolf-whistled at. Berry on the other hand, seems to be rather safe. I've walked around with Givenchy Pourpre Inoui and MAC Fashion Revival, and I didn't attract unnecessary attention!

38noodles said...

Wow! I wouldnt have thought red was such a big deal. Or perhaps you look phenomenal with red <3 Perhaps thats why the ombre 'bitten' look is so popular around here now, allows one to wear bold colours in an understated way.

Linda said...

My dear noodles, you have to do lip swatches more often! Look at those juicy pouts!! I'm going online to look for them right now!

38noodles said...

Thanks so much Linda! Lip shots are actually the most difficult for me with my crappy equipment and lighting, must find a solution soon!

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38noodles said...

Thank you visiting my blog and taking the time to leave such a lovely comment. Sadly I dont have the time to blog these days, but I am actively sharing my makeup adventures on Instagram if you'd like to come and say hi :)

I'll go check out your blog asap!!

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