Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Amazing trip to Jeju Island and Seoul, Korea

Hello!! It’s been a long while since my last post… I feel ashamed, and I have whole new admiration for those who can blog daily and manage to maintain their blogs during a trip away.

I do have a mountain of goodies I’m excited to share with ya’ll, but the weather’s been pretty damp and dark, so selfie opportunities have been rare. In the meantime please do forgive this incredibly lazy post filled with pictures. I just can’t not share how beautiful our little trip to Korea was!

We had 3 full days in Jeju Island and 1 full day in Seoul, the rest of our 6 day trip was half days of traveling and a bit of shopping. Definitely regret climbing Mt. Halla (Korea’s highest mountain) on our first day in Jeju, since after our 11 hour (yes, eleven hours) climb, we were more or less disabled the next couple of days, which meant we gave up on a few sights. There plenty more to see in Jeju, and I really hope to visit this gorgeous island again soon. It was my second time in Seoul, but my first trip was a purely shopping venture, so I’m very glad to have packed in the Palaces this time round. 

Extremely picture heavy post!
Mt. Halla summit
View from the top of Korea
Mt. Halla crater
Snow and icicles captured while descending Mt. Halla
The view while descending Mt. Halla
Cliffside view from Cow Island, Jeju
Soesokkak Estuary that leads into the sea
Rectangular cliffside formation near a small quite waterfall 
Jeongbang Waterfall that leads directly into the sea
Cheonjiyeon Waterfall
Sunset at Oedolgae Rock, Jeju

Gorgeous Autumn scenery in Seoul at Changdeogung Palace and its Secret Garden

Yum yum yummies!!!

Have given a little sneak peek on my instagram, and I'll hope to make the next post a review of THREE's Holiday 2014 collection.
Where and how was the last vacation you took?

Noodles :D


Bellyhead said...

:( I'm so hungry.

Sunny said...


The sights are amazing though! It was worth it! I second Belly: the food pics are making me hungry!

Bellyhead said...

I had colleagues that did that hike drunk. >__*
Wot bunch o BOZOS!

38noodles said...

One of the places had the acorn jelly dish, but when I asked whether it was spicy or not, the lady got really confused and didn't realize I wanted to order it ;(

38noodles said...

We were snails compared to the locals. They were all decked out in proper mountaineering clothing, shoes and walking sticks, and at first we were like, pshh, who needs all that. Then an hour in, we were like, Crap we're gonna die. The recommended time for our particular chosen hike is but a mere 9 hours ;)

38noodles said...

I'm pretty sure your drunk colleagues, blindfolded and crawling backwards would have done the hike faster than us! I'm so out of shape!!

Sunny said...

9 hours is still a LONG hike!!! I don't think I've done anything like that. The longest one I did was maybe half a day in the Swiss Alps. My friend was like "EVERYBODY can do this," yet I almost died when we finally got there LOL

38noodles said...

The view must have been spectacular in the Alps!! I did a little research into the Mt. Halla hike, and all said it was tough work, but worth it. Obviously I didnt grasp that tough meant to hell and back ;)
It was a incredible experience though, and you do kinda feel you've accomplished something that day!