Wednesday, 10 September 2014

FOTD feat. Canmake Juicy Pure Eyes in 03

Wandered into my local Plaza store (Japanese drugstore chain) looking for small nic nacs to make a teen-friendly gift basket and happened upon the new Canmake Juicy Eyes display. Canmake eyeshadows are far from my favourite among the Japanese DS offerings, but the allure of messing up almost completely new makeupz is too much of a calling to ignore. Was very pleasantly surprised at how buttery soft and smooth these new shadows felt under the finger tips, and how well they glided on to the skin for swatching.

The Juicy Eyes trios contain 2 shimmery shades and one ‘Juicy coat’ shade that packs a high amount of glitter (the middle column of swatches). Each trio offers a different brown theme, and there are currently 4 palettes in the lineup; 01 is a pink toned ‘classic’ brown, 02 is a ‘happy sunny’ orange toned brown, 03 is a green toned ‘antique gold’ brown, and 04 is a nude toned ‘sweet beige’ brown.

I thought these might make a nice little addition to the gift basket, so I decided to pick one up and test out just to be sure it was worthwhile. It was a tough choice to pick one because they are all rather flattering variations of brown, but I ended up getting 03, the greeny antique gold one since that’s the least prevalent tone in my stash.

03 contains a nude beige shade with gold and green shimmer, a glittery gold center shade that lines a lime gold, and a dark olive brown with gold shimmer.

I always use my Smashbox #7 brush to try out a new eyeshadow, not because the #7 is my favourite brush, far from it. It’s because the #7 is my first proper eyeshadow brush, having either used fingers or sponge applicators before it, and I more or less learnt how to do blended eyeshadow looks on this brush, so it’s more of a habit and a good reference of a new eyeshadow’s characteristics.

Other Stuff on Da Face post sunscreen:
Rouge Bunny Rouge Original Skin Primer
Mikimoto Cosmetics Pearl Precious Essence Liquid Foundation in OC03
Makeup Forever Full Cover concealer in 6 for spots
Pupa Milano Cover Cream concealer in 06 for under eye
MUFE HD Cream Blush in Flamingo Pink #215
Dior Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum

Chantecaille Hydra Chic Lipstick in Fairy Moss

For the FOTD, I swept the nude shade which applied much more pigmented than I anticipated and leans an orange tan, then I used the darker brown shade as a thick blended liner, and finally added the glittery shade on the center of the mobile lids which adds that luminous green gold glow.

I’m very impressed with this Juicy Eyes trio. All three shades glided smoothly onto the skin. The two shimmer colour shades are well pigmented and blend beautifully. They give a high shimmer, but not at all frosty, so it’s a very flattery glow. The glitter shade also retained decide pigment and is not blaringly sparkly. While I personally would not describe the finish as juicy or wet, I do think as a powder, the result is very close to what you might get from a glittery cream or gel shadow. I'm definitely going to pick up either 01 or 02 (or both) for the gift basket, and fingers crossed I don't lose control and hoard all of them for myself.

Have you tried anything from Canmake before? Or been impressed with any drugstore offerings lately?

Noodles :)


Unpaletteable said...

Very lovely! I love the pairing of dark green and gold, but the pinky 01 palette may mesh better with my pasty complexion. However at drugstore prices, may as well get both!

CanMake cream blushes are great too.

38noodles said...

Thank you!! The pinky 01 would have been my first choice if I didn't already own a million pink themed palettes! Totally agree on their cream blushers! I've always looked to Canmake for great DS blushers, but had been previously meh about their other stuff.

Sunny said...

I was just thinking I'd pick 03 and then I read that's your pick! Great minds think alike! These do look pretty good. I think they're basic trios that beginners would really appreciate. It's virtually impossible to mess up! :)

38noodles said...

YES! That's the perfect way to describe them, great easy and useable trios for beginners! If I had access to such great quality shadows at these prices when I first started nosing around the makeup displays, my makeup obsession would have started much much earlier.