Sunday, 7 September 2014

FOTD feat. Chanel Vitalumiere Loose Powder Foundation

Popped over to my local Chanel counter to have a look at the new Vitalumiere Loose Powder Foundation (Fond de Teint Poudre Libre), their latest addition to the Vitalumiere line, and as the name states it’s a foundation in loose powder form (not a setting/finishing powder) which contains SPF 15.

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Ended up getting a mini makeover, and was matched to the powder in 10 Beige, which is the lightest shade available. I personally think 10 Beige is a little light on me, though the effect is this gorgeous light-infused brightness, I’m going to try out 20 Beige sometime.

If you're familiar with RBR's Impalpable Finishing Powder or Tarte's Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation, then it's a similar type of packaging, with a small center meshed powder dispensing area. The foundation also comes with a mini version of their ultra soft, white (possibly goat) haired kabuki brush. The product itself is extremely finely milled, but on a finger swatch try, it didn't feel like anything new.

While this is a labeled as a foundation, the coverage is very sheer, and the SA recommended using it like a setting powder over a slightly higher coverage base. Here, the SA used the Lift Lumiere (I believe in 20 Beige) under the Poudre Libre, so I can’t fully conclude how much coverage the powder does provide, or it’s longevity. The SA did not use a further setting or finishing powder on me.

At the counter, I thought the powder was rather meh… It did bring a more polished and even look, but under the Chanel counter’s blue-white LED lighting, I didn’t think the powder was all that. However, when I went under different (warmer) lighting, including outdoor lighting, OMG my skin looked like a mannequin’s. Marble smooth, satin glowy. Fingers crossed this is down to the powder and not the Lift Lumiere (because my foundy wishlist is already too full).

Also got to experience the new Le Blanc Multi-use Illuminating Base, and the Joues Contraste in Rose Glacier (#170). Taiwan did not get the other JC Jersey (#80). Rose Glacier is a poppy rose packed with intense yellow-gold shimmer. It looks rather intimidating in the pan, but hopefully you can see how it brings this beautiful rose gold glow to my cheeks without being disturbingly reflective (cough cough Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks).

Do note that the Illuminating Base is a reformulation and not merely a repackaging. I can’t remember what she said was added, but it’s new blah blah technology blah and increased dose of skincare properties.

Because the big annual round of sales are coming up for the Taiwanese department stores, the SA advised me to come back and get the items during the sale period. The blusher is LE, and she’s kindly reserved the item for me, the other products are permanent, so I’ve got a few weeks to decide whether I want it, though I do think I’ll definitely pick up the Base (since I did really like the old one). Still undecided on the Poudre Libre.

Have you tried out anything from the little Poudre Libre collection?

PS: Since my last post was way long, I’d like to give huge hugs to you for the concern and supportive comments regarding my pup. Brownie is all fine now, straight back to his sneaky mischievous ways. Don’t ever be fooled by that innocent puppy eyed mug, he’s planning his next snack heist.

Noodles :)


Sara BeauTime said...

Love how Browny looks here, so adorable!

I am trying to decide about the loose foundation. I tried it on Le Blanc and really like the effect but I have dry to normal skin so it is hard to believe that any powder foundation would ever look good on me. I am willing to try but not for 70 € . I wished they left the kabuki out and sold it for a more reasonable price.

38noodles said...

While I do think this powder is much less drying than most other powders, if you normally don't need a powder, then at this price point, I'd probably pass on it. It would be so much better if they did sell it without the kabuki! I prefer the normal sized one anyway.

Sunny said...

Haaai BROWNIE! Man he's the CUTEST! Glad to hear he's doing much better!

I really have to write about this one soon. I do like it, and that mini kabuki brush is SO good. I've seen two tutorials on the Chanel channel. You can either use it alone for lazy days or layer it on top of a foundation/BB cream/whatnot. I dig the finish on you big time!

38noodles said...

Thanks Sunny!! I very much hope Kissa is doing better everyday!

The kabuki is amazing, I have 2 of the normal sized one, so I can always have one in my makeup bag. It's a good powder for the cooling weather I think, as I'm starting to notice that my 'summer' powders are drying me out, but I still need some form of powder to set my foundy. I would love to read what you're thoughts are on this powder :)

Linda said...

Oh my... you look lovely after the makeover!! Porcelein skin!!! I've got that powder but my skin has been terribly dry and flakey since my short trip to Bangkok, so i'm hoping to be able to give it a better test soon!

38noodles said...

Thanks so much Linda! Don't you just hate it when traveling messes up the skin? Can't wait to hear what you think of this one :)